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Hi! I am Kristin. Thanks for stopping by!

Why C dot Love?  My last name is Clove, and years ago when I was making a new email address, I loved that I had the word LOVE in my last name.  So I added a {dot} in there, to make it stand out, and since then it has evolved into my blog and etsy shop names. :)

I love pretty things. I love color. I love making areas beautiful. I love finding beauty in unexpected places. I love modern. I love vintage. I love words. I love design. I love making people happy.
I have always loved designing things for people – mostly it has just been a quote for my mom, a shower invitation for my sister, a baby announcement for my baby. In 2012, I decided to turn my hobby into, well, a more productive hobby.

I am a mom of two beautiful girls – almost 5 years old and 1 year old. My awesome husband teaches high school Biology and business and coaches, well, whatever is in season. I love to spend time with my family!

Besides designing word art and growing a photography business, I do try to find time to read, garden, and occasionally (oh, SO very occasionally) take a nap. Lately, I have been a cooking disaster, so I am trying to get better at that as well.

You can contact me @ kmc.love@gmail.com  or through my etsy shop:  CdotLove

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