Saturday, April 6, 2013

General Conference April 2013 Printables

*** In May, the Visiting Teaching message is to share one of your favorite conference talks.  Feel free to print a quote from here or my 2nd post to share with the ladies you visit. :)  If you have a favorite quote, that I haven't done, feel free to email me: and I will see if I can whip one up for you (completely free of course!) ***

General Conference is one of my favorite times of year.  I love listening to the words of our prophet, and the leaders of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I come away so uplifted and with a desire to be a better person, a happier wife, a more patient mom.  The past few years, I have loved collecting beautiful designs of quotes said during conference.  They help ingrain the message in my mind and remind me long past the closing words what I learned and how I felt. 

This post is where I will post free printables of some of my favorite quotes.  Keep checking back, because I am a busy mom and I can't do more than a couple a day!  I started a second post with more, HERE

(unless I indicate differently, each one is sized at 8x10, and there is a link to my 4shared account where you can download the full resolution version, suitable for printing at a print shop or from your home printer.)

Thanks for pinning, sharing, and enjoying!


Our Part Matters

Catch the Wave

How We Raise Our Children

Patient Kind Forgiving


  1. What size are these supposed to be? I uploaded a few of them to Costco to print out and it gives me a resolution warning...

  2. I tried printing it an 8x10 (the raising children one) and it gave me a resolution warning.

    1. Oh no! I had no idea they compressed that much when I uploaded them! Thanks for your message! I am updating the post so there is a link to my 4shared account where you can download the full resolution version.

      I am so sorry about that. :)

    2. And yes, they are all 8x10 size.


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