Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FREE PRINTABLE! Book of Mormon 65 day reading challenge - LDS Young Women

Oh have I got a fun freebie for you!

My sister asked me to make a poster for a challenge that her Young Women's group is doing.  They are going to read the Book of Mormon in 65 days! 

Did you know that it took Joseph Smith about 65 days to translate the Book of Mormon?  I learned that while I was serving my mission.  We did a mission wide challenge to read the entire Book of Mormon in that amount of time.  It was hard, but it was amazing!  I noticed things in the stories that I hadn't noticed before... I realized how people talked about in the beginning of the book related to people at the end... I just loved reading it that quickly!  It was a really neat challenge and I am so excited that Young Women groups are taking the challenge as well!

I have an 11x14 and an 8x10 sized poster available for you to download, as well as a bookmark (in an Excel file).  The bookmark was done by Karen, the sweet Young Women's president in my sister's ward.  Thank you Karen!!  She is also the one who came up with the the wording on the posters. :)

There is space on the sides for the Young Women and leaders to sign their name to the challenge.  You can also fill in the dates of your challenge (If you get it printed on photo paper, I would suggest using a fine tip Sharpie marker to write on it to prevent smearing and smudging).  On the bookmark, you will need to changed the dates to the dates of your challenge too.

11x14 poster
8x10 poster

Bookmark file   (make sure to change the dates to the dates of your challenge.  Also, there are 3 bookmarks to a page - print page 1 and 2 on the front and back of the same piece of paper or cardstock, then cut out for a bookmark to keep in your scriptures!)  (TECHNICAL STUFF:  After clicking the bookmark file link, download it to your computer, then open it in Excel and change it.  If you don't have Excel, you can upload it (after you have downloaded it) into a Google drive account and edit it in Google Sheets.  Good luck!  I hope that helps!)

Thanks for sharing, pinning, and enjoying!

(PS - A lot of people search etsy for Young Women ideas, so I am putting this in my etsy shop for $1, to help cover the fees from etsy, paypal, cost of fonts, etc.  You are very welcome to download it completely free here, but not everyone who finds me on etsy comes to my blog. :) ) 

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