Friday, July 26, 2013

LDS Young Women Values printables

I just finished a set of printables for LDS Young Women.  I designed a print for each value (faith, divine nature, etc) and also included the value statement for each one.  I love how they turned out!

I think it would be so fun to have all 8 displayed around the Young Women's room, or change a frame weekly or monthly that has one in it to display during lessons. 

You could also use them during New Beginnings or Young Women in Excellence.  Either in frames, or mounted on a piece of styrafoam foam core and displayed on easels. 

These ones are 8x10 in size.  Soon I will also have a set of 4x6 sized ones available so you can print a set for each girl in your program.

They are available in my etsy shop HERE.  It is only $15 for the entire set of 8 printables!

Thanks for pinning, sharing, and enjoying!

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