Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fonts! Inexpensive and fun!

Last time I did a font round-up, I did some of the new FREE fonts that had been released.  This time, I decided to do some of the fonts I love that I have purchased recently.  At the time I did this blog post, they are all $20 or under.

There are so many fonts available for free out there, but you need to make sure you are following the terms and conditions set by the font designer.  Often, they allow free use for a personal project, but ask you to pay for commercial use.  It can be tricky to make sure I follow the guidelines set.

Soooo, I end up buying a lot of fonts that come with a commercial license, then I am covered whether I am using the font in a personal project or using it in a project that will be for sale in my etsy shop.  (Always make sure to read the terms of service, because sometimes it is still a limited use commercial license!)

This round-up are some of the fonts I have purchased that I consider to be really reasonably priced!  (I have been known to spend a lot of $$ on fonts, but since most people don't want to pay that much, I tried to keep this list to what I consider cheap!)

Enjoy!  The links to each font are under the graphic. :)

PS = I love LOVE Creative Market, and I get their weekly newsletter than has SIX free things each week!  These are items that are normally for sale on their site, but for one week, they are included in the FREE downloads.  I don't think I have ever downloaded all six items, and lots of weeks, I don't download any of them.  There are usually things I don't think I will use, or don't care for, but they have some really fun fonts on there often!  Check it out!  I think 3 of the above fonts were ones that were offered as one of the weekly free downloads at one time!

PPS = A lot of people have asked me what the font is that I used in the March Visiting Teaching Handout - it is Manhattan Darling. :)

PPPS = I signed up as a partner with Creative Market and I get a VERY small percentage of purchases made through the above links.  I would love it if you want to support my font-buying addiction by signing up and purchasing through my links. :)

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